Solar Decathlon Registration Form - Team Lead

By registering as the Team Lead, you are creating your team’s page within the Project Site.

   •   Please ensure that another member of your team has not already completed Team        Lead registration on the Project Site and created a team. If they have already        created a team, they will need to add you to their existing team on the Project Site.
   •   You may change your Team Name and Team Lead at any time on the Project Site.
   •   To ensure that you receive weekly competition communications via email, please add to your address book.

Once you complete registration, you must invite your other team members to register as part of your team on the Project Site via the “Add Team Members” link under the “Team” section.
   •   Other team members should only register using your invitation link.
   •   If you have questions about registration or the competition, email

Personal Information
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Representation and equity matter to the Solar Decathlon, and we ask these questions to better understand diversity in our programs. These questions are optional, so you can skip them and still complete your registration. If you choose to answer, NREL will store a record of your response indefinitely but will not share individual answers publicly or internally. For more information, see NREL’s Security and Privacy Policy here.

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